The Pink Pig Apparel brand is the brain child of Tom and Christine Shelton who live in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. After all, they do not know anyone who plays polo, has seen a whale, caught and kept a bony fish or even wants to be close to a crocodile. But in Memphis and throughout the Southeast, we love BBQ.  Slow-cooked pork is the signature of this great part of the country. At Pink Pig Apparel, we believe here that you should wear your pink pig with pride and represent your true self.

Currently the Pink Pig Apparel brand is available on line only.

We have been blessed with a great following all across the country and look forward to providing you with quality Pink Pig Apparel for many years.

For any questions on Pink Pig Apparel, contact Tom Shelton at 901-212-8883 or send us an email:

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